This feels like an end. I never knew I’d fade off the things I held dear. There are things I wanted to try a while ago but my heart can’t at this moment. I am halfway through the phase of not wanting to go back. This is bad. Like very bad. I don’t know the […]


‘Goodbye’ feels like letting go and holding on. It is some kind of dark maze that you’re trying to find your way out but end up being a puzzle on your own. ‘So longs’ are like breathing in a bubble. You want to burst out but you end up breathing in the very same air […]


I remember her.I feel like she is still the things I think about, perhaps even better than I knew her.Many things about her used to fascinate me. I still want to see her go up the steps of our imaginary spiral crystal stairs as the wind gently shows off her dress.Up and up till the sun […]

Hey Dad,

…I think I am getting old because I’ve started having everything problems …. It’s me. I know I am saying all these late because I have been to many matches and me being my own coach, I didn’t want you to see my inner child at her tryouts with those she thought were like her. […]


I remember us queuing up to light fires we thought would keep us warm but years later, we are choking in our own smoke. Agoro I don’t have any particular order to write this because I have heard about it so many times. Truth is we can’t shut our eyes or chose not to hear […]

Loses and Gains

Darkness is like some form of good and bad dirt  that has filled hearts of the strongest men and made them cry like a child. These are days you can think of you. Shut your eyes for a moment Wonder, Wander, Think… Remember sometime back when you were afraid that the light of the sun […]

I am not every other girl…

S(h)e sat there as I listened, telling me about how different I have been. S(h)e said I wasn’t like other women. The ones s(h)e knew were easy, others didn’t do some of the things I did or believe in. They managed to cross all his/her Ts. This poked the bear in me. Woke up a […]

Home to Self. 

Many words flow out of my mind in form of poems, feelings and emotions. Well, some have killed me, some have brought me back to life. I am happy about the woman I am becoming. The force, the strive, the fight, the light. It’s all in form of indescribable beauty. With time, you will live […]

Every feeling I want to write down scares me. Every single truth the world has never known is battling with the strength of my bones. I have walked out of myself and tried to look at me in the eyes of someone else who has never loved me The fear of what will cross their […]